A slump, a slob, a blob, those are the images I salivate. 

Strangely enough, I find the formless, indefinite idea more real than any objects with predefined meanings. I strive to capture the immaterial. It is the gut feelings that transcend the defined realm of our humanly experience. The stinky breath that bears a meaning of its own and yet never takes on the form of a sound. I attempt to document its existence - these intangible, ever-changing sentiments and longings. I like the lies, the false, and the ugliness that we like to tuck in but effortlessly re-displacing to the world. In that sense I long for a sincerity towards lies and failures. My process and the outcomes of these materials reflects on that idea, the silhouettes of the immaterial.

Dat Hun

A separate but intertwined body of works. Dat Hun is a functional ceramic brand that expresses dreams and memories’ consciousness through color and textures on the vessels. Available online through link and seasonal market fairs in NYC.